(1/2) NPM List of Development web Server

What are the parameters to check NPM web servers for both development and production environment?

Web servers also called the http server these are used to check the html files changes on the web. these servers are mainly used for serve the static files and dynamic files as well. some of the web server used for development and other are used for built the fully API infrastructure and use it as the production web servers.

The web servers are categories by type of there features.

1. Development Vs production

2. Sever Static or dynamic files

3. Live reload Vs hot reload

4. build API or do some testing

Here are the list of the web servers are mostly used or that I know.

• Webserver  (small in size less options)
• local-web-server (put your current working directory)
• Lite-server
• http-server
• Live-server
• Express
• Hapi
• budo
• Browsersync
• webpack-dev-server

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