(2/6) Mean Stack : Setup Your machine

Before start development in mean stack app its developer responsibility to installed all the required software dependency. 

  • Mean Stack: Introduction to Mean Stack
  • Mean Stack: Setup Your machine
  • Mean Stack: NPM install dependency and Start Development 
  • Mean Stack: Angular & Mongodb connection
  • Mean Stack: Address Book App CURD Operation
  • Mean Stack: Publish & deploy code in Heroku &  MLab

  • lets start and build your machine!!! 

    1.  Text editor (IDE)
    To writing code quickly and more accurately the IDE take most important part. So choose your IDE that best in the market either you can purchase it or buy it your own.

          2. NodeJs (Install server):  Mean stack development we used NodeJS server, to install the server please download the Nodejs form it official site. Once installation complete please do cross check your installation. To check the installation quickly navigate to the command prompt and type 'node'

    3. Install Mongodb (Database server) : Install mongodb server for data storage. To install the mongodb quickly download the binaries form https://www.mongodb.com/download-center#community URL. Once the installation is done need the series of step to configure your server properly .
    • Configure Mongodb
      • Create Data & log folder
        • Data
        • log
      • Add bin path to Environment variable
    • Start Mongod process
      • mongod --dbpath=D:\mongodb\data --logpath=D:\mongodb\log\mongo.log
      • Start mongo command prompt
    • Create Window Service
      • Create Config file 
      • Create Window Service 
        • run command  to commond prompt mongod.exe --config d:\mongodb\mongo.config –install
        • SC Start MongoDb
        • Run Mongodb commands for test

    4. Install Github: To deploy the code in heroku we would require to install github in our box. To install the github please use this URL : https://desktop.github.com/ once it installed property to verify the installation run some github commands

    4. Heroku toolbelt: Once the deployment is complete next step to deploy the code on heroku cloud, to deploy the code we would require to install the heroku deployment kit. The download URL https://toolbelt.heroku.com/windows. Once installation is complete next step to run some heroku command to validate the system. Open the command prompt and run heroku, will display series of information as mentioned here if you login already using "heroku login" command.

    To know about more please watch my "(2/6) Mean Stack : Setup Your machine" video link mentioned below.


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