(4/6) Mean Stack: AngularJs & Mongodb connection

Creating Connections with MongoDb

Angularjs is most popular single page development client side JavaScript Framework developed by google. 

With the reference to github address book, I have created the following to files inside the public folder. 

This file is responsible to doing all CRUD operations. 

For database I have used Mongodb, very popular no SQL database. I have used mongoose client side NPM package for make a connection & provide all the supported functions. To more about the mongoose please read its documentation http://mongoosejs.com/.

For Server.js file responsible to handle all the CRUD operations.

I have a created the series of lesson in YouTube that talk about all mean stack development. 

  • Mean Stack: Introduction to Mean Stack
  • Mean Stack: Setup Your machine
  • Mean Stack: NPM install dependency and Start Development 
  • Mean Stack: Angular & Mongodb connection
  • Mean Stack: Address Book App CURD Operation
  • Mean Stack: Publish & deploy code in Heroku &  MLab

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