(5/6) Mean Stack: Address Book App CURD Operation

With the Reference of github Mean Stack  address book example. I have created the model file

Once this model created and connection is established, I have created server.js file in next steps, I used the express for creating various routs and write a code using mongoose NPM package to make connection with mongodb. It has various function which communicated to the mongodb for all the transactions(CRUD).

To know more about the implementation please check my YouTube video as provided the link at the bottom of the page.
 You can download the code from github

The serios of lesson that convers from begin to end Mean Stack development.
  1. Mean Stack: Introduction to Mean Stack
  2. Mean Stack: Setup Your machine
  3. Mean Stack: NPM install dependency and Start Development 
  4. Mean Stack: Angular & Mongodb connection
  5. Mean Stack: Address Book App CURD Operation
  6. Mean Stack: Publish & deploy code in Heroku &  MLab


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