(6/6) Mean Stack: Publish & deploy code in Heroku & MLab

Deploy Your code on Cloud (Mlab & Heroku)

Once you done with your testing, next part to deploy your code on production. Before you need to check the various  Cloud service provider. List it down your requirement and check the with various could service provide and compare rates and services. Once all the comparison done next step tot start publish your app. In this example, I have used Mlab (database service provider) and HeroKu
(application service provider) that full fill my option and used there free service platform.

  • Create account on Mlab : https://mlab.com/signup/ 
  • Create free database on Mlab .500 GB. 
  • Create Collection 
  • Create User by providing user name and password. 


  1. Create Account Heroku
  2. Install Heroku toolbelt
  3. Open command prompt and start using Heroku toolbelt.
  4. gitHub also used for deployment as a part of Herokuu toolbelt.
  5. I used this documentation for deployment. For more details read about deployment https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/getting-started-with-nodejs#introduction

To know about the whole deployment process please check my below video.

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